Meeting Venue:
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute
ul. Podleśna 61
01-673 Warszawa

Meeting Structure
Thursday, 12th of October
1300 - 1400 Lunch/Coffee/Registration
1400 - 1425 Session I ‘Introduction’:
* Welcome Address Deputy Director General Tomasz Walczykiewicz
* Opening words (Christian)
* Welcome of the new WGCEF members (Jos and Christian)
* Agree agenda and review actions from last meeting (Jos and
1425 - 1545 Session II ‘Updates since the last meeting’:
* Round table: participants introduce themselves and giving update on
new developments within their NMSs (4 minutes each)
1545 - 1605 Coffee
1605 - 1620 Session II ‘Updates since the last meeting’:
* Discussion of the 22nd WGCEF Newsletter (Bernard)
* WGCEF website and social media report (Andre-Charles)
1620 – 1640 EUMETNET Update (Dick)
1640 – 1800 EUMETNET Task Team on Storm-Naming Update and Discussion (Evelyn)
 2000 - Dinner at Restaurant Bazyliszek (It's on the Old Town Market Square; Rynek Starego Miasta 1/3 00-272 Warszawa); Dinner kindly provided by IMGW

Friday, 13th of October
0900 - 1100 Session III ‘Presentations’ (15 minutes each including
* Bernard Roulet: ‘Behaviour of ensemble forecast systems during
Storm Zeus’
* Michael Skelbaeck: ‘Silent Storm Surge’
* Marjan Sandev:’ Mechanism of Circulation over Europe in Cases of
Heavy Rainfalls and Floods in Central Europe’
* Piotr Manczak: ‘RainGRS System - quality-based quantitative
precipitation estimation’
* Thomas Vanhamel: ‘Validation of weather-types’
* Laura Krumina: ‘Competency Assessment for General and Marine
Forecasters in LEGMC’
* Karen Helen Doublet: ‘How we use social media to communicate
weather news’
* Tim Hewson: ‘Recent ECMWF developments‘
1100 - 1120 Coffee
1120 - 1130 Official meeting photo
1130 – 1300 Session III ‘Presentations’ (15 minutes each including
* Lovro Kalin: ‘Warnings at DHMZ: challenges and latest
* Zsolt Patkai: ‘New GIS system for severe weather warnings’
* Stephanie Jameson: ‘Impact based warnings at the UK Met Office’
* Elin Björk Jónasdóttir: ‘New severe weather warning system at the
Icelandic Meteorological Office’
* Jos Diepeveen: ‘Impact-based warnings at KNMI’
* Christian Csekits: ‘Change in the warning philosophy at ZAMG: from
a threshold to an impact-based severe weather warning system’
1300 - 1345 Lunch
1345 - 1425 Visit of the Remote Sense Department and the Forecast Office
1425 - 1540 Session IV ‘WGCEF Discussion Forum’:
* General discussion on issues arising (e.g. impact-based severe
weather warnings; crowd sourcing; new role of the forecaster, etc.)
1540 - 1600 Coffee
1600 - 1715 Session V ‘WGCEF concept and request session’
1715 - 1800 Session VI ‘Closure of the meeting’
* Decide location and date of next meeting
* Agree actions
* Meeting closure

Saturday, 14th of October
Joint Excursion to Centrum Nauki Kopernik (reservation for 10:20 am)
Prize: 20 Polish Zloty
Christian Csekits/Jos Diepeveen; 3rd of October 2017